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Norfolk County FA is committed to tackling discrimination and harassment, regardless of ethnic origin, colour, race, nationality, religion or belief, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, disability, age, pregnancy, maternity, marital or civil partnership status. We are responsible for setting standards and values that apply throughout the game at every level. Football belongs to and should be enjoyed by, anyone who wants to participate in it.

Addressing Inequality

Norfolk County FA is committed to promoting equality, as well as recognising that inequalities may exist. We take steps to ensure that these inequalities are addressed, therefore providing access and opportunities for all members of the community.

You can find out more about our approach to equality as well as our equality policy here.

Reporting Discrimination

No-one should be subjected to discrimination, and if you have been the victim of or if you have witnessed discriminatory behaviour, Norfolk County FA strongly encourage you to report it so that it can be dealt with. We need your help to eradicate inequality within the game, and this can only be done by ensuring you report all forms of discrimination.

You can find out more about how we process and tackle discrimination here.

Should you need to contact The FA, Please use the details below:

T: 0800 085 0508
E: FootballForAll@TheFA.com

More Information

For further advice and guidance visit:

• Race Equality in Football
• Faith in Football
• Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Football
• Mental Health in Football
• Women and Girls Football 
• Disability Football
• Football v Homophobia

If you would like to discuss issues of discrimination and inequality in football or for further information about other equality issues please contact our Welfare Officer:

Ken D'Rosario
County Welfare Officer
T: 01603 704050
M: 07777 607567
E: Ken.D’Rosario@NorfolkFA.com

Engaging the Next Generation
Coaches' Corner