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Norfolk FA announces new initiative to increase football involvement throughout the County.

Within the four year strategy ‘Engaging the Next Generation’ and encompassing our Norfolk DNA values, we are pleased to announce a new programme that will aim to address participation in key areas of football within Norfolk.

Play Coach Volunteer Referee has the overall aim to increase participation in these key four areas of Norfolk Football through various ways over the course of the new season and beyond. 

Funding through the PCVR Club Support Fund will provide much needed financial support to clubs and assist in their development whereas education and role support will assist in clubs becoming more self-sustainable, proactive and forward thinking.

On top of that, brand awareness will ensure that opportunities for individuals to be involved in or progress in the game are more frequently seen by the public.  

Chief Executive, Shaun Turner spoke of the development of PCVR: “We have been developing this project for the best part of a year now and we are not only proud of what we have created, but excited for the potential it possesses help Norfolk Football next season and beyond.

“Specifically the Club Support Fund will enable clubs to apply for financial support which we know is a key challenge within the grassroots game.”

Incoming Chief Executive, Gavin Lemmon also commented on the funding: “The PCVR Club Support Fund is the first step in us providing a host of support mechanisms to clubs in the County. Through this initiative we have committed thousands of pounds in a bid to assist clubs that are either struggling or in need of assistance within their development.

“Through this project we also plan to provide increased and tailored support to clubs via a more dynamic approach. For example the improved ‘Join Our Club’ programme, which will see marketing support provide recruitment assets and branding advice to clubs in need.

“Hopefully the branding around our facilities has already begun to send a message in what this project aims to achieve overall.”

Marketing Manager, Rebecca Burton expanded on the branding: “One of our aims is to increase the visibility of and accessibility to football opportunities within the County in a bid to improve numbers in four key areas of the game. To do this we have incorporated our PCVR identity within the FA’s ‘FOR ALL’ branding to utilise the iconic and recognisable three lions, but keep a ‘Norfolk spin’ on it.

“The imagery is all local too; we want to show we are about our clubs and our people at the grassroots level. Hopefully more players, coaches, volunteers and referees will proudly see themselves displayed as beacons of our game over the course of next season.”

For more information visit and more specifically /Play /Coach /Volunteer /Referee or email


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