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Referee Development Day 2015
Referee Development Day 2015
Referee Development Day 2015
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Once you are a qualified Referee, there are many ways in which Norfolk FAs Referee Development Team can help you progress to achieve whatever targets you set yourself…


Once you have qualified as a referee, you are able to apply for promotion through The FA's refereeing structure. To gain promotion, set criteria must be followed, and your success will be based upon assessments of your refereeing performance.

Upon fully completing the FA Referees Course, match officials become Level 8 referees if under the age of 16, or Level 7 referees if over 16, qualifying to officiate local grassroots football.

To apply for promotion from Level 7 to Level 6 a referee must have officiated as a referee in a minimum of 20 games in one registration period and is required to:

  • Referee a minimum of 20 games during the promotion season, 70% (14) of these must be in Adult football
  • Re-register with Norfolk FA using the Whole Game System by 31st May each year
  • Attend at least one of the five scheduled CPD Events in the summer and pass the Assessment of Knowledge Test on the Laws of the Game
  • Attend a Promotion Seminar organised by the County FA and pass the appropriate National FA test on the Laws of the Game (held in October)
  • Receive a minimum of 3 assessments, all of which must be on Adult football
  • Be pro-active in their attitude to administrative duties, including a prompt response to all appointments and the submission of closed dates to the Referee Appointments Officer, and the submission of discipline reports via the Whole Game System within the correct time period

For Level 6 referees similar conditions apply, except referees must also act as an assistant referee on a minimum of at least 5 games during the same period and be assessed as a Level 6 on a minimum of 4 occasions.

Level 5 referees may then be eligible for promotion to more senior competitions. These promotions are decided on by The FA after the County FA nominates those Level 5’s who meet the criteria set.This would involve refereeing in a 'supply league - Level 4', and being an assistant referee in a 'Contributory League - Level 3'. Further promotion would take you on to a 'Panel League - Level 2' and ultimately, on to the 'National list of Referees - Level 1'.

Referee Promotion Explained

  • A 'registration' period is a football season: 1st July to 30th June
  • A 'promotion' season runs from 1st March to 28th February
  • Invitations to apply for promotion will be sent by 31st December
  • Applications for promotion must be received by 31st January


Fitness Training

Norfolk FA provide a specialised fitness training session at Easton College every Thursday evening from 7pm to 8pm. This will be an outdoor session led by an FA tutor or senior match official. Changing and shower facilities are available. There will be a small charge of just £2.50 per session. A meal in the refectory will also be available for a further £2.50 and will form the very important ‘social’ part of the evening. The sessions run throughout the season with a short break for Christmas.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Norfolk FA are proud to be one of the very few counties that offer Referees’ a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme. These summer events are available across the County to provide all registered match officials with the latest knowledge regarding the laws of the game, local regulations and officiating techniques, all designed to maximise your enjoyment of being involved in Refereeing.

For Level 5, 6, 7 & 10 Referees who have been qualified for over a year, it is a requirement that if you wish to be appointed to Referee, assess or coach in adult football in Norfolk, that you attend a Continuous Professional Development event and pass a test on the Laws of the Game. These requirements have improved the standard of the Refereeing workforce and helped Norfolk officials into a position where they are highly regarded throughout the country.


Young Referees Group

Norfolk FA, in conjunction with its’ own council (affiliated to the RA-FA National Council) operate a Referees’ Development Group specifically designed for all affiliated Referees from the age of 14 to 25. In service training sessions and other events are provided free of charge on a regular basis. Further details of activities can be found on the Norfolk FA YRG Facebook page.


Club Marks

Clubs on all Adult leagues are required to mark Referees out of 100 for each game. These marks are used to monitor the performance of Referees in conjunction with assessments and coaching reports.

When a club marks a Referee 60 or under, the Club is sent a ‘Referee Low Mark Report’ form to complete to help us establish the nature of any problems and if appropriate, resolve any issues.

In most cases such a report will be shared directly with the Referee to provide them with an opportunity to give their version of events and form a starting point towards resolving any issues identified, or to just provide the Referee with some feedback to show what clubs are actually saying. Whilst sometimes the feedback from Clubs is not constructive and is influenced by the outcome of the game, each complaint is investigated and dealt with appropriately.

Referees are required to deal with such correspondence promptly and professionally at all times.

To find out more about Referee Development, contact David Robinson (Referee Development Officer) on 01603 704050 or at

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