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Norfolk FA Match Officials are required to affiliate (register) before the start of every new football season to maintain their qualification and public liability insurance cover.

How to register

Please visit: and follow through the process to register for next season. The process is very simple, but the information below and the “How to Guide” on the portal should answer any queries you may have.

After logging in, navigate to your Referee Dashboard and select Register for the 2017-2018 season. Complete the Equality & Diversity questionnaire before proceeding to Step One of your registration.
The FA is required as part of its funding from Sport England and as part of English Football’s Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination Action Plan 2012-2017 to declare accurate data on the people involved with our programmes. The FA and the people analysing this data will be the only ones to have access to it for reporting and statistical purposes.
If there are any questions that you do not wish to answer, simply select ‘Prefer not to say’.
  • Update your contact details and preferences should you need to do so. As with all sections, when all is correct, select Save and continue
  • You are able to enter any additional specialist categories that may not currently exist against your record which will, upon submission, be checked and verified. If you feel that any existing information is out of date, please contact us at County Headquarters.
  • You are able to select any Associate County organisation from the dropdown provided. Each County FA will be given the opportunity to accept every request that they receive, so please select only the Associate Counties where you intend to officiate.
  • Indicate if you wish to Referee on English Schools and FA Competitions. Please don’t enter anything into the timed availability or closed dates sections, simply notify the Referee Appointments Officer of your availability in the current manner.
  • Enter any League whose Panel you will be joining in the next season. Type the name of the League into the search field (minimum 3 characters) and all existing leagues will populate the dropdown menu. If you are experiencing difficulty locating a League, please note that sponsor names can be ignored, for example, the Thurlow Nunn leagues are entered as ‘Eastern Counties’, etc.
  • You will find that the registration fee, set by National FA, remains at just £20. At this time you can order a County handbook, tie, Referee badge or the new 2017-2018 FIFA Laws of the Game book.
  • You will also be able to purchase Personal Accident Insurance at a Basic or Enhanced level to cover you during your Refereeing activities. We would advise you to seriously consider adding this protection which is designed to work alongside the Public Liability Cover which is already included in your registration fee. Full details of this cover are set out below.
Finally, make your payment and once this has been completed, a paid invoice will be generated. This will be filed in the ‘Invoices’ section of the portal accessible from the main menu. You may wish to save or print your invoice for tax purposes and particularly as confirmation of your purchase of PAI cover.
Your Referee Registration is now complete and you can Return to the Referee Dashboard where you will note that your registration number for the new season is displayed.
If you experience any problems, please contact us at County Headquarters. However, do take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section below, before you do so.

Thirteen reasons to maintain your affiliation (registration) to Norfolk FA as a Referee:

  • Maintain your qualification
  • Access to the services provided by the Referee’s Department including training & support
  • Opportunity to progress your Refereeing career via promotion through the Levels
  • Development groups for potential elite officials identified under the FA Centre of Refereeing Excellence programme
  • Allocated appointments across all Norfolk Adult Leagues
  • Allocated appointments to Norfolk County Cup games and an opportunity to officiate in one of our 10 County Cup Finals
  • Access to other Refereeing opportunities such as County 5IVES
  • Access to Continuous Professional Development and other training events
  • Access to the Whole Game System for discipline reporting
  • Membership of the Young Referees’ Group (all 14–25 year olds)
  • A process for the completion and renewal of Criminal Records Checks
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Optional Personal Accident Insurance

Yes, your registration lasts for one season and you are required to re-register each season before officiating any matches.The FA do have the following regulations about referees who have not re-registered: You can be unregistered for up to two seasons and then just re-register as long as your CRC and Safeguarding certificates are valid.

If you have been unregistered for between two and five seasons you are required to successfully pass a Laws of Game test (arranged by The County FA) to make sure you are up to date on law before being able to register again plus complete The FA CRC and Safeguarding criteria.

If you have been unregistered for five or more seasons you will be required to book onto the new practical referee course and complete The FA CRC and Safeguarding criteria to register again

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