Whole Game System

Whole Game is the online Football Administration System designed by The FA to allow Clubs, Leagues and Referees to administer their day to day activities simply and efficiently without the need to send or receive letters via the post to and from Norfolk FA.


Referees are able to register each season and submit all misconduct reports via the Whole Game System. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to send any registration forms or discipline reports through the post.

For more information on registering as a Referee, click here, and for more information on reporting misconduct, click here.



Clubs are able to complete their Affiliation to Norfolk FA through the Whole Game System. This is a simple and time efficient process, particularly if Club information has remained the same. The system automatically rolls forward the data from the previous season, so if anything has changed it is simply a case of updating the information rather than reinventing the wheel. The affiliation section is also where Clubs confirm their Team details, County Cup entries and Public Liability & Personal Accident Insurance.

For more information on Club Affiliation, click here.

It is also possible for Clubs to administer Discipline through the system. The Discipline Administration section comes with a number of benefits as it speeds up discipline processing, can be used wherever you are in the world and is a 24/7 system. It also saves you money on postage, and avoids the possibility of paperwork not reaching us.

For further information on the Whole Game System please contact the Football Administration Team on 01603 704050 or contact a member of the team via email.

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