New Young Referees Group announced

Two weeks ago it was announced that the Norfolk FA Young Referees Group would be restructuring and the plan in place was to have a new Norfolk FA Youn

The Council would have the responsibility of running development evenings and delivering opportunities for the young referees in the county to develop.

Following and application process for positions within the Group, each position was chosen on a poll by Young Referees in Norfolk.

Norfolk FA Young Referees Group

The voting finished with the main six committee roles being:

Chairperson -Harvey Newstead

Vice Chairperson - Jack Hamling

Marketing Manager - Doeke Dobma

Project Manager - Andy Moncur

Secretary - Matthew Friend

Treasurer - Matthew Cotton

Two extra roles as support officers:

Support Officer - William Evans

Support Officer - Alex Melon

Chairperson Harvey Newstead said:

"I am delighted to take over the Young Referees Group Council as Chairperson. I feel I have a very positive, determined and hardworking team and we all have the same vision to improve refereeing for young referees in the county. I am really looking forward to next season with the team and what we can achieve.

“We have already conducted our first Council meeting which was very positive. We have created a survey for the young referees in the county to see what they want from the new Council and what referee topics and events they would like us to focus on during the upcoming season.”

The Group have refreshed their online presence with a brand new Twitter account following the changes.

“The new twitter was decided because we thought with a new marketing manager we needed to re-think our approach to become more engaging our audience." Newstead explained.

“As a council we have come up with a few aims for our season and every member knows their focus for the season to help with the targets set.”

Referee Development Officer David Robinson said, “I was delighted with the response and the interest shown by our younger Referees in re-shaping the Group and forming the new Council.

We have a fantastic group of over a hundred young match officials aged between 14 and 25 and I’m sure they will help create a bond with all of them, to help them progress their refereeing careers.”

You can follow the Norfolk Young Referees Group on Twitter HERE.

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