Wildcats with Harry Diggens

#NorfolkWildcat Centres


In Norfolk we have 25 Wildcat centres across all seven of our districts, you can contact your nearest centre below! 

Norfolk Wildcats Map

Centre Contact: Gus Bates

Email: angusbates@btinternet.com

Centre Contact: Tina Cloney

Email: tinacloney@gmail.com

Centre Contact: Kris Hart

Email: Soccerstarscoaching@yahoo.co.uk

Centre Contact: Ted McCarter

Email: canarymatt@hotmail.com

Centre Contact: Rob Reeve

Email: reeve_11@hotmail.com

Centre Contact: Chris Brown

Email: chris.brown@browno.co.uk

Centre Contact: David Willmott

Email: davidwillmott@aol.com

Centre Contact: Lee Robson

Email: lee.robson62@btinternet.com

South norfolk

Centre Contact: Paul Simmons

Email: paulsimmons7@gmail.com

Centre Contact: Duane James

Email: duanew68@hotmail.co.uk

Centre Contact: Rob Ward

Email: robert.ward@gmail.com

Centre Contact: John Hooper

Email: wymondham townutdfc@gmail.com


Centre Contact: Ray Ewart

Email: rayewart@aol.com

Centre Contact: Kevin Jones (MBE)

Email: kcjones13@hotmail.co.uk

Centre Contact: Kirsty Turner

Email: kturner007@hotmail.co.uk

north norfolk

Centre Contact: Jenna Bedwell

Email: jenna.bedwell@cromertownfc.com

Centre Contact: Ben Binder

Email: benbinder30@gmail.com

Centre Contact: Paul Thain

Email: georgina.may32@gmail.com

Centre Contact: Shannon Owen

Email: shannonowen13@icloud.com

Centre Contact: Tim Will

Email: 1970timwill@gmail.com


Centre Contact: Ryan O'Malley

Email: romalley5dr6@nsix.org.uk

Centre Contact: Sean Pasque

Email: scd.sportspark@uea.ac.uk

Centre Contact: Toby Nickerson

Email: toby.nickerson@canaries.com

Centre Contact: Paul Neary

Email: p.neary@uea.ac.uk

west norfolk

Centre Contact: Darren Bailey

Email: heacham.minors.club.secretary@gmail.com

Centre Contact: Nigel Billing

Email: hollymeadowsyfc@gmail.com

Centre Contact: Dan Buhleman

Email: klcfootball@gmail.com

Gt yarmouth

Centre Contact: Chris Dunne

Email: chris.dunne@homecall.co.uk

Centre Contact: John Barrett

Email: Jonbar1975@gmail.com

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Wildcats with Harry Diggens

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