Young Referees Group

Young Referees Group

The Norfolk FA Young Referee Group is for all registered match officials in Norfolk, aged 14-21. The group is run by 6 volunteers who are dedicated to help recruit, support and develop young match officials whilst having the responsibility of running development evenings and delivering opportunities for the young referees  in the county.

Over the next few seasons, the Norfolk FA Young Referee Group Development Evenings will be run by Norfolk's very own Premier League Match Officials Dan Robathan and Lee Betts.

The Group also have a YRG Development Zone on Hive Learning where useful documents, Laws of the Game tests, and video scenarios are posted. As well as this they have a Referee Incentive scheme where the referees can be rewarded for completing games and attending development evenings. More information on the incentive scheme can be found on the YRG Development Zone on Hive Learning.

The group also work closely with Norfolk County RA, Local RA's and the RA-FA Youth Council. Last season the Group were awarded Tier 2 Status of the RA-FA Youth Council Development Programme.

If you would like more information on the Norfolk FA Young Referee Group, please contact

Below is a list of the 6 Norfolk Match Officials who are the volunteers who support the running of the YRG alongside Referee Development Officer David Robinson

Chairperson Harvey Newstead 
Vice Chairperson Kian Peek
Marketing & Project Officer Jack Hamling
Female Lead Gracie East
Engagement & Retention Officer Sam Downing
Support Officer Andy Moncur 


safeguarding for referees

Norfolk FA takes the safety and well-being of our young Referees very seriously. Whilst the vast majority of football is played in safe and friendly environments where everyone can enjoy taking part, there may be occasions where you would like additional help and support. If you witness anything that concerns you, have any safeguarding issue regarding yourself, or if you just wish to speak to us, the document at the bottom of this page provides full details of who to contact as well as other useful information.