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Welcome to the Rules & Regulations section of Norfolk FA.

Please refer to the sections below for information on Football Rules & Regulations. Should you have any questions after reading the information provided, please contact a member of the Governance Team on 01603 704050 or email our Football Administration Manager at

rules and regulations
Norfolk County FA should be kept informed of any changes to Club Officers and their contact details. This is particularly important for Club Secretaries who are the main contact point of the Club.
If your Club Secretary is going to be unavailable for any length of time, it is very important that you advise Norfolk County FA as all correspondence will be sent to your existing Secretary unless we are told otherwise. In the case of Discipline correspondence, failure to respond will see the Club incur late fines.

Please contact the Football Administration Team on 01603 704050.

Any Norfolk League or Club wishing to play against Leagues or Clubs of another nationality must apply to The FA. via Norfolk FA, for consent to play at least 60 days before the date of the intended match in accordance with FA Rule B.4

Please click here to view.


International Clearance is required by all players moving across borders to play football and it applies to all players over the age of 12. The purpose of the International Clearance is to ensure that players have fulfilled their financial obligations to previous clubs, county or regional FA’s, and that they are not serving a suspension in another country.
Further information on the Regulations, can be found in the documents attached below. If you wish to apply for International Clearance, please use the application form and send the completed application directly to the Football Association, not to Norfolk County FA.
For further information on International Clearance, please contact the FA at
One-off matches have previously been played without sanction, which is a particular problem when one or both teams are not affiliated to the association.
In order to rectify the situation we have a produced a simple, straightforward form which once completed will allow one-off matches to enjoy the benefits of an affiliated competition. You can find the form attached at the bottom of this page.
There is a fee of £5 per unaffiliated team. Therefore if both teams are unaffiliated the total fee will be £10. 
Further to this, if there are any discipline related matters concerning a team that has affiliated just for this game, that have to be dealt with by Norfolk FA, a charge of £10 must be paid to cover administration costs.
Games must be sanctioned by Norfolk FA for Norfolk FA registered referees to be allowed to officiate on these games.

Click here to access the document.

Please find attached below information relating to the recommended pitch layouts for the various formats played around the county, as well as information detailing goalpost sizes.

Norfolk has a long history of Charity Cups, with some dating back to the early part of the 20th Century.

In order to host a Charity Cup competition, the form below needs to be completed and returned to us at least 28 days before the competition is due to start.

When returning your form to us you will also need to provide us with the following information:

  • Copy of the rules governing the competition.
  • Copy of the balance sheet for when competition last played (signed by the auditors).
  • The receipts from the charities, which received donations last season.
  • The annual sanction fee of £5.00 per competition.
  • A self addressed envelope unless you have provided an email.

The Charity Cup needs to be independent of any club and donate at least one third of its gross receipts to the designated charitable causes. Also, tournaments sanctioned since 1970 are limited to four teams.

Affiliation Form 2016-17 - Form E

Form E Covering Letter - 2016-17

Norfolk County FA operates a system to collect football debts on behalf of Affiliated Clubs, Affiliated Leagues and other Associations.

There are strict regulations which must be adhered to for Norfolk FA to raise a Football Debt Recovery action. Please refer to the documents below for a full list of these regulations, along with template letters to Player & County

Football Debt Recovery

Football Debt Recovery - Letter to County

Football Debt Recovery - Letter to Player

Norfolk County FA Membership Rule 16 and FA Rule C2(a) cover the regulations under which players may be approached during the playing season.

Full details of FA Rule C2(a) can be accessed by clicking below.

FA Rule C2a - Regulations Concerning Approaches

The FA has created a practical guide, which it is hoped will provide clubs with the ability to understand and apply the formal regulations in relation to advertising on the clothing of players, club and match officials.

The guide includes imagery depicting how the regulations should be followed in order that clubs interpret and apply them correctly and it can be accessed by clicking here.

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Summer Tournaments

When the regular football season reaches a conclusion, the summer tournaments season begins!

There are a large number of tournaments that take place across the County, and you can view a complete calendar of all the tournaments that have been sanctioned to run by clicking the button below.

For further information, please contact Rachel Cossey on 01603 704050 or email

summer tournaments

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