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Develop & Grow - Progress the game in Norfolk. This includes clubs, teams, workforces & communities.

Nurture & Innovate – Create modern, flexible formats, whilst not losing sight of our traditional game.

Accessible & Transparent – Illustrate total visibility and demonstrate integrity with everything we do, ensuring support is available.

Engaging the next generation


Our Strategy

The long term vision of the County FA is to ensure we continue to both regulate and develop the game, growing participation which is relevant to modern society whilst being aware of  the economic and social challenges facing us.

Being the Governing Body of football in Norfolk, we firstly regulate the game.

Whilst running the game we are also tasked with developing the opportunities on offer to ensure we can sustain and increase participation, offering better training and playing facilities to aid player development.

As part of succession planning for our Football Workforce, it is our intention to ‘Engage the Next Generation’ and offer both traditional and non traditional participation opportunities reflective of a modern era.

The Norfolk DNA will be embedded into each and every objective, which have all been strategically identified to ensure we meet our targets.

Everything we do will be underpinned with a clear communication strategy and modern marketing approach.

Customer insight is a key area of development over the next 4 years and our starting point is to continue to implement the recommendations from  our adult participation survey back in 2013.

We will continue to engage with our customers via our courses, clinics, AGMs, Radio Shows, Social Media and Council Reps. We also intend to develop additional customer insight opportunities from Year 2 onwards, utilising all of the above as well as developing an Online Booking System, utilising WebEx software, new survey software as well as Club and Player forums.

Our insight  should all link to our customers, track trends which will then allow us to plan better for future seasons.

The onus is now on the County FA staff to achieve the agreed targets, and we aim to monitor and evaluate the strategy via SMART quarterly objectives that will feed from the annual Operational Plans.

Reviews will take place quarterly by the Senior Management team and bi-annually by the Board of Directors. Bi-annual staff meetings will also be held in order to evaluate the plan and review both successes and shortcomings.

We have set some challenging objectives yet remain positive that we have the tools and the passion to succeed.

Fair play on & off the pitch

Rules and Regulations

FA Rules and Regulations ensure fair play in the grassroots game, both on and off the pitch. Find information about the following areas here.

  • Laws of the Game
  • Discipline
  • Safeguarding & Welfare
  • Inclusion

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