Rainbow Laces - LGBT Inclusive Club

LGBT Inclusive Club Status

The Norfolk FA LGBTQ+ Inclusive Club accreditation was originally launched by Norfolk FA during the Rainbow Laces Campaign in the 2018-19 season.

To achieve LGBTQ+ Inclusive Club status, clubs must complete the following criteria:

  • Have a Club Equality Statement that details the ethos of the club and outlines the club’s aims around LGBTQ+ inclusion that must be displayed on the club website and publicised via their social media platforms. This can include commitments to language, behaviour and creating a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Display inclusive posters provided by Stonewall to publicly demonstrate your commitment to inclusion within your club.
  • Club Officials, Players and Coaches to sign agreement of LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Further information and guidance on become an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Club can be found in the documentation below.

Want to become a Norfolk FA Affiliated LGBTQ+ Inclusive Club? Please contact, Office Manager, Nina Buckingham via Nina.Buckingham@NorfolkFA.com.