Norfolk Junior Cup

history of the cup

A brief history of the Norfolk Junior Cup...

What is the Norfolk Junior Cup?

The Norfolk Junior Cup is the second oldest County Cup that Norfolk FA run, having been established in 1889-90 when Wymondham 2nd XI beat Rudham 2-1. That Wymondham side features prominently in the early years, winning the trophy in four of the first seven seasons.

Who has won the Norfolk Junior Cup?

Over the years the trophy has been lifted by an enormous number of different Clubs, many of whom are sadly no longer in existence. The Cup has also been won by sides who have subsequently moved into senior football, including Gorleston, Fakenham & Wroxham.

More recently, here are some results from other Norfolk Junior Cup Finals:

2021-22: Wymondham Town 3-1 AC Mill Lane 

2020-21: Wells Town 2-1 Reepham Town

2018-19: Gorleston Reserves 2-1 Sprowston Athletic

2017-18: Dussindale Rovers 4-1 East Harling

2016-17: UEA 4-0 Runton United

2015-16: Mundford 1-0 East Harling

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HIGHLIGHTS | Norfolk Junior Cup Final 2020-21
Wells Town vs Reepham Town (11.06.21) - theFDC.

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