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county cup rules and dates

Please see below the 2020-21 County Cup Rules as well as the match dates. Also available is a document providing a summary of the key rule changes for this season.

County Cup Guides

Coming soon will be a selection of useful guides that will assist you in various County Cup Processes and procedures. 

Frequently asked qUESTIONS

Please see below some frequently asked  questions related to our County Cup Competitions.  You can download the PDF below or click on the drop downs. If this does not answer your question, please refer to our County Cup rules or contact us at  

In all Competitions except the Norfolk Senior Cup, if the ground of the first drawn club is not available for more senior County Cup Games, FA Competitions, or matches being played at Step 6 and above or adverse weather conditions, matches will be played on the following weekend. For any other reason the venue will be switched if the ground of the opposing team is available. In the event of a tie being switched to the ground of the second drawn club, they shall become the home team.
In all competitions except for the Senior Cup, if both teams are in agreement, any tie prior to the Quarter Finals may be played on no later than the weekend following the date of the Round. 
Any agreement should be confirmed with Norfolk County FA no later than 10 days prior to the original match date.
Contact Norfolk FA as soon as possible, to make them aware of the situation and also contact the opposition team and match official(s).
As you cannot fulfil the fixture, our rules state you will have to withdraw from the competition.
Contact Norfolk FA, the opposition club and match referee to advise of the match postponement.
You will have to agree changes with the opposition team and contact Norfolk FA and the referee prior to the fixture.
In the John Savage, Stuart Dracup and Under 12's Cups, if both teams are in agreement, any tie prior to the Quarter Finals can kick off at an alternative time. In other ties, KO will remain as first published unless otherwise agreed.
You can find your appointment Referee and Assistant Referees (when applicable) on the Norfolk FA website under the County Cup section.
You will be sent an email or you can see information on the Norfolk FA Website.
In Adult County Cup Matches, Norfolk FA will appoint a match official. This includes the appointment of assistant referees in all Saturday Senior Cup fixtures and all Semi-Final fixtures. 
For the John Savage, Stuart Dracup and Under 12’s Cups, the Norfolk County FA Referees Appointments Officer shall appoint the match officials for the Quarter-Finals onwards, including the appointment of assistant referees for the Semi-Finals. Prior to this stage the home Club shall be responsible for providing a referee. In all other fixtures each club shall supply an assistant referee.
Contact Norfolk FA as soon as possible who will try to resolve the issue by trying to re appoint an available referee.
The match fees for match official(s) are split between the home and away team equally except in the Norfolk Senior Cup which is paid by the home team.
Contact Norfolk FA who will contact the team and try to resolve the matter.
Clubs, which enter and withdraw before the First Round, will be considered as not having played and may be liable to a fine not exceeding £100.  The entry fee will not be refunded.
The player you want to play must have played at least two league, league cup or county cup games prior to the semi-final. Alternatively, a player will be eligible as long as they have registered before the 1st October for the current season.
The Cup Draw will be the Monday following the last round of weekend fixtures unless otherwise stated.
You will be notified by email and the full list will be published on the Norfolk FA website.
Clubs are permitted to sign an unlimited number of players on a match day prior to playing up to and including the Quarter Finals, as long as this is permitted by their respective League rules.
Extra Time will be played in all County Cup matches apart from the Veterans Cup.  In all adult competitions, 2 x 15 minutes will be played and in the Youth Competitions 2 x 10 minutes will be played.
In the Norfolk Senior Cup, completed team sheets shall be exchanged between both teams, the referee and a designated person from the Norfolk County Football Association (if applicable) 30 minutes prior to kick off. In all other County Cup competitions team sheets shall be exchanged 20 minutes prior to kick off.
A player on a temporary (loan) transfer is ineligible to compete in any County Cup Competition unless permission to do so is given by the lending Club in writing and a copy is received by Norfolk County Football Association at least 48 hours prior to the confirmed kick off time of the relevant match. Any permissions must clearly state that the player has approval to play in the appropriate County Cup Competition
Should a team arrive so late as to cause the cancellation of the tie, a delegated Committee may expel that team from the competition and the team may be liable to pay the expenses of both its opposition and the match officials.
The team sheet must be fully completed and sent to Norfolk FA. The team sheet can be delivered by hand or alternatively completed team sheets can be scanned and emailed to and must be received within 48 hours of the end of the match.
Both Clubs must text the result to Norfolk FA within one hour of the completion of the match. Please ensure the score at the end of normal time and if applicable extra time and penalties is noted.
If the game is abandoned clubs are required to text in A-A, and send an email with reasoning to Norfolk FA.

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