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Kids copy adult behaviour – so please don’t smoke on the Sidelines.

That was the message of our Smokefree Sidelines campaign launched in 2017 with the NHS and Smokefree Norfolk at our annual summer tournament, the FDC Youth Cup.

Local youth football clubs are encouraged to join the campaign and become smoke free spaces. This means members and visitors are asked to refrain from smoking indoors and outdoors, anywhere on site, including all playing fields and especially the pitch side lines.

Fakenham Town Youth FC were the first club to get involved in the Smokefree Sidelines project. Just two years later, the Smokefree Sidelines Campaign stretches across many Counties in England and even into Wales.

When a club signs up to the Campaign they are able to receive support in the form of pitch side flags, banners, t-shirts, free training and more.

Being a smoke free club is not about unfairly targeting smokers. Rather, it is about promoting your sports club as a healthy and inclusive place, where the wellbeing of all, and particularly children and young people, is a priority.

For more information about the Smokefree Sidelines project & to become a Smokefree club please email

If you – or anyone you know – smokes and would like NHS support to quit then you can search online for Smokefree Norfolk or call 0800 0854 113.

Smokefree Sidelines Banner
We want to end smoking on the soccer sidelines, especially when it's kids and youth football. Kids copy adult behaviour. Let's denormalise smoking - and support clubs/parents to challenge people who smoke in front of kids on the sidelines.

Become a Smokefree Sidelines Club

Thanks to our partners Wensum Print, we are please to be able to provide new clubs joining the initiative with branded merchandise to help support their involvement. This is in the form of a PVC Banner and some branded barrier tape to be used at your facility.

For more information about the Smokefree Sidelines project & to register please email