Have Your Say! - Adult Saturday League Proposal

This is your chance to have a say in the Adult Saturday League Proposal for 2019-20.


Adult Saturday League Proposal for 2019-20

Over the recent months, we (Norfolk County FA) have facilitated meetings between the Adult Saturday Leagues; Anglian Combination League, Central & South Norfolk League, Great Yarmouth District Saturday League, North East Norfolk Saturday League and the North West Norfolk League with the future of Adult Saturday League Football being the point of discussion.

As you will be aware the decline in adult football is prevalent. This is due to an array of factors some of which are out of football’s control; however, it’s a positive time for Norfolk football, with a joint desire to collaborate and address the evident trends and decline within the traditional game.

Below you will find the proposed new Saturday structure and Option 2.2, of which all Adult Saturday Leagues are in favour of working towards and Club representatives have had the opportunity to discuss the positives, negatives and suggestions for the favoured Option 2.2 at recent League Annual General Meetings.

Option 2.2 will come with its challenges, as would any option, so we are all aware that there are plenty more discussions to be had, however, it’s a good starting point. The timeline of events have been clearly outlined with a number of communications had in between which has been shared between all respective leagues for their input prior to this circulation of information. These communications are downloadable below.

It is our priority, (Norfolk County FA and the Adult Saturday Leagues) that the wider community of Adult Saturday League football are addressed and informed post League AGM’s to receive further thoughts and suggestions on the favoured proposal.

Therefore, we would like to invite all respective participants within Adult Saturday League football to express their thoughts and suggestions on the proposal by completing a Google Form (click here). This consultation window will be open until Friday 3 August 2018.

We look forward to hearing the feedback on Option 2.2 with the aim of supporting us to develop and sustain the adult male game.

Please do not hesitate to contact the League Officials or Stacey Annison, Senior Football Development Officer should you have any further questions or queries regarding this matter.