Support the Referee Week

Sky Sports News is running its annual Support The Ref Week starting Monday 

Throughout the week, Sky Sports will be highlighting some of the challenges and issues faced by our referees from the grassroots right up to the Premier League.

From training to technology, diversity to decision-making, Sky Sports will shine a spotlight on those marshalling the game.

In a survey, just under 3000 referees were asked varying questions about how they feel about situations reguarding refereeing. Below are some of the results:

  • ‘Referees get enough credit for correct decisions’ - 66% disagree
  • ‘I consider experienced referees in my local area to be role models’ - 61% of referees agree
  • ‘Managers criticising referees’ – 76% of referees feel this a big/fairly big problem
  • ‘Parents criticising referees’ – 78% feel it’s a big/fairly big problem
  • ‘Lack of respect for referees at an elite level is encouraging poor behaviour in the grassroots game’ – 91% feel it’s a big/fairly big problem

For more information about 'Support the Ref Week' click here.