We Only Do Positive

Norfolk County FA Only Does Positive

The FA Respect equipment scheme relaunches with brand new messaging

Norfolk County FA Only Does Positive – FA Respect equipment scheme relaunches with brand new messaging

  • Renewed Respect campaign focuses on benefits of positivity on performance
  • 90% of grassroots footballers play better in positive environment
  • Grassroots clubs and leagues in Norfolk can apply for discounted vouchers for new Respect equipment

The latest roll-out of an FA-funded campaign is aiming to use positivity to help create safe, fun and inclusive match day environments in Norfolk.

Respect, which celebrates its tenth anniversary year, will now see a new focus placed on the impact of positive behavior, and will contribute to both the performance and overall enjoyment of young grassroots footballers. The campaign’s new mantra, ‘We Only Do Positive’, will specifically focus on the behaviours of parents and coaches.

The changes come after independent research commissioned by The FA found 90% of young footballers say they play better with support and encouragement whilst 92% get greater enjoyment from the sport when they play in a positive environment.

The new-look campaign will also see significant changes made to the associated Respect equipment scheme, which is delivered by the UK’s largest sports charity, the Football Foundation.

As part of the scheme, clubs and leagues across Norfolk will be given the opportunity to redeem vouchers enabling them to access half-price Respect packs. Two packs will be available, an on-pitch pack and the other an off-pitch pack. They will contain Respect spectator-pros and signage. All in order to help shape a more positive environment.

The new equipment will contain brand new ‘We Only Do Positive’ messaging to promote the importance of positive behaviour at football and encourage players, parents and coaches to be respectful whilst in attendance. 

Paul Thorogood, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation, said:

“The Foundation is dedicated to providing quality local facilities at which community footballers of all ages, genders and abilities can enjoy our national game.

“At the same time we want to ensure that the quality of experience in community football is also as good as possible.  The FA’s Respect campaign is an important part of helping to achieve this, as it promotes a safe and enjoyable atmosphere – particularly for young participants.

“The Respect equipment packs are an extremely effective way to help create that positive environment.  I would strongly recommend that all clubs and leagues apply for one so that they can provide a positive backdrop on their match days that will set the right tone and encourage the right behaviour amongst home and visiting players, coaches and volunteers.  This way everyone can continue to enjoy all of the benefits that we know football can bring.”

Matt Carpenter, Football Services Manager, said: “The relaunch of the Respect campaign provides a fantastic opportunity to focus on the important role that the attitudes and behaviours demonstrated by parents and coaches play in youth football. Ensuring that the emphasis is on positivity should help ensure that our young footballers have an enjoyable experience week in week out. The equipment available to Leagues and Clubs is a very effective way of creating an encouraging environment.”