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Marketing & Communications
Day 1


Last Saturday saw Norfolk FA's Digital Marketing Apprentice, Bryn Hughes take his first step on the FA coaching ladder as he began the FA Level 1 in Coaching Football at theFDC.

The FA Level 1 Course is the entry level award for coaches working in grassroots football, giving them the tools, knowledge and experience they need to ensure you can better support the development of future players. It also allows them to progress up the coaching ladder with the next step being The FA Level 2. To find out more about The FA Level 1 in Coaching please click here.

Bryn currently holds a player/coach role at Yaxham FC and below are his thoughts and observations after attending the first day of the Level 1 Course.

From the outset the Tutor, Lawrence York, made it clear that there would be a relaxed atmosphere while attending and workshops on the course and that everyone should feel comfortable whatever their involvement in #NorfolkFootball.

The first activity of the day was to ensure that you were sat with people who were coaching in similar environments and age groups to yourself. I sat on a table with coaches who were involved in the older age groups of youth football and above. This meant we were able to share ideas and problems throughout the day that we encounter in our Club environments and help each other.

For the rest of the morning we discussed what was important to our own coaching styles and ‘how we coach?’ as well as delivering a game in groups that we would use within our Clubs. It was great to see the contrast in the room of what different coaches said were really important to them and this was reflected in the activities that were delivered and then analysed by Lawrence and the rest of the group.

After lunch we were introduced to the Principles of Play, Technical Components and the England DNA. Lawrence made it clear that these should be included in whatever session we were going to be planning and delivering as a coach. As I had only viewed football from a player’s point of view before it was interesting to see how much thought and preparation goes into a single practice.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the 3G pitch outside with Lawrence demonstrating various warm up games that we could use. The first four practices that Lawrence displayed were all variations of games the different groups had delivered in the morning. I was surprised at how easily he turned an ‘okay’ session into a more engaging and competitive session with a clearer purpose. The other practices Lawrence delivered were all great examples of how increasing player ownership meant participants would get more out of the training. All of the practices were adaptable to make them relevant to any age/ability of player meaning both the U7 coaches and adult coaches were taking things away that they could use.

I am looking forward to this Saturday to see what else I can learn as well as catching up with the other coaches on the course.

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