The FA FIVES in Norfolk

Norfolk County FA
Our Football Development Centres are hosting a range of categories for The FA FIVES Festival.

We are delighted to be hosting a range of categories for the FA FIVES festival running in May 2020. The festival, in conjunction with Euro 2020, is free to enter and successful teams will have the chance to play at Wembley! 

We’ll have events taking place at all three of our facilities; the FDC, theFDC@OpenAcademy & theFDC@Flegg. The full breakdown is below:

Sunday 3rd May – all 10.30am KO

  • Youth Disability (12-16)
  • Walking Football (50+)
  • Adult Male (16+)

Saturday 2nd May

  • Adult Female (10.30am KO)
  • Female Walking Football (2pm KO)

Sunday 3rd May

  • Under 16 Girls (10.30am KO)
  • Under 14 Girls (10.30am KO)
  • Adult Male (6pm KO)

Saturday 2nd May

  • Under 14 Female (10am)

Sunday 3rd May

  • Under 16 Male (10am)
  • Adult Male (3pm)

Sign up here

You just have to put your postcode in and it’ll bring up the relevant category!

Good luck!