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Norfolk County FA are now in the position to be able to provide details relating to the future delivery of coach education.

Following information provided by The FA, Norfolk County FA are now in the position to be able to provide details relating to the future delivery of coach education.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no local course delivery has taken place since March 2020. Throughout the lockdown period discussions at a National level have been ongoing relating to the future of coach education, including localised course delivery. The outcome of The FA’s decisions is that all coach education delivery will be transitioning to an online learning platform, administered by The FA centrally, with effect from Spring 2021.

In the interim period, all County FA’s have been given the option to deliver a range of coach education courses, subject to strict adherence to the FA’s Covid-19 Guidance on the Return of FA Education Courses. Following careful consideration of the guidance provided, it is with regret that aside from the FA Safeguarding Children Workshop, Norfolk County FA will not be exercising the option of delivering local coach education courses. Ultimately this means, based on the current guidelines provided by The FA, we will not be delivering any further IFAIF, Level 1 in Coaching Football, Level 2 in Coaching Football, UEFA B, Goalkeeping, Futsal and Referee courses.

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and is one that was given extremely careful consideration. The rationale behind the decision centres around two key points; being able to fully comply with the guidance provided by The FA to deliver courses and ensuring we do not place our learners and tutors at direct risk of contracting Covid-19. As stated above, we will be delivering the FA Safeguarding Children Workshop, as we are able to fully comply with the guidance associated to the delivery of this particular course.

Coach Education has historically been a flagship service provided by Norfolk County FA to its grassroots coaches and clubs. To say we are disappointed in not being able to deliver Coach Education courses is an understatement. We are fully aware of the positive impact course delivery has had across Norfolk Football and the grassroots coaching community.

In addition, the decision made places our own coach education and workforce infrastructure at risk. However, with every door that closes another one opens; therefore we are delighted to announce that it is our intention to develop our own local coach development programme and coaches club, in order to continue to support new grassroots coaches coming into the game, as well as existing coaches who work tirelessly to support the delivery of grassroots football in Norfolk. Further information regarding this exciting new opportunity will be released in the coming weeks.

We will be communicating shortly to those who were booked onto an FA Safeguarding Children course to provide full information regarding future course dates, and details in relation to how to book on. Furthermore, we will communicate shortly to those individuals who expressed an interest in attending future FA Safeguarding Children courses. 

In terms of individuals who have booked places on courses that will no longer be delivered by Norfolk County FA, again they will receive a separate communication in relation to this matter.

Norfolk County FA are fully committed to supporting all ‘in flight’ Level 2 Coaching and UEFA B candidates, and again a separate communication will be sent to all relevant individuals in due course.

Further guidance from The FA in relation to how Charter Standard accreditation and Annual Healthchecks will be affected by this news is awaited. We will communicate with you in relation to this matter as soon as we are in the position to do so.

We would like to place on record our sincere thanks and gratitude to all our coach education tutors, past and present, for the dedication, energy and professionalism they have brought to course delivery, and the significant positive impact they have made on countless individuals involved with grassroots football across Norfolk.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document has been produced to help answer any questions that clubs and coaches may have in relation to this matter.

Statement ends.