FF Football Survival Package - Summer 2021

Football Survival Package - Summer 2021

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A government funded scheme to further support NLS clubs (steps 3-6) severely impacted by Covid-19 restrictions.

Part of the Government's £600m Sport Survival Package, the Football Survival Package - Summer 2021 is a fund that aims to further support clubs at Step 3 to 6 of the National League System who have been severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

Following on from the successful Winter programme run earlier this year, the Survival Package will provide additional support in response to each club's financial need to survive until the start of next season, but won’t replace all lost revenue or profits over the last 12 months. The objective is to ensure football clubs survive the summer period and minimise the long-term damage to participation as they prepare for the 2021/22 season.

The investment has been provided by the Government, with the support of Sport England, and will be delivered through the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF).

What can the funding be used for?

The fund is focused on supporting club survival over the coming months. This means that you can use the grant for the majority of your essential business operational costs. The amount of funding applied for will be specific to your club's unique circumstances and will be based on financial need – the fund won’t cover all costs or revenues.

All grant applications will be means-tested as part of the assessment by the FSIF. In the application, you’ll have to show the club’s income and expenditure forecast for April to June 2021. If you can evidence that the club is in financial distress and at immediate risk of closure, you may be able to apply for additional support.

The application window opens from Monday 26th April and closes on Sunday 9 May.

For more information about eligibility and how you can apply, click the following link:https://footballfoundation.org.uk/grant/football-survival-package-summer21

Any queries can be directed to fwsp@footballfoundation.org.uk


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