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Norfolk Football - A Strategy for Everyone

Norfolk County FA
We are pleased to announce our new strategy, ‘Norfolk Football - A Strategy for Everyone’ which will run from 2021-24.

Norfolk Football - A Strategy for Everyone

We are pleased to announce our new strategy, ‘Norfolk Football - A Strategy for Everyone’ which will run from 2021-24.

The three year strategy aims to serve and develop Norfolk Football by providing a safe and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy the beautiful game.

Originally created in 2015, our ‘DNA’ core values have been updated to reflect the progression of the Association. Our new ‘DNA’ is shown below:

  • Inclusive – Having inclusion at the heart of the way that we work and operate.
  • Empathetic – Demonstrate empathy with colleagues, individuals, and partners that we work with.
  • Innovative – Continuously looking at new ways and ideas to ensure Norfolk Football moves forward.
  • Passionate – Demonstrating an enthusiasm and drive to serve Norfolk Football.
  • Transparent – Offering total visibility and demonstrating integrity within everything we do.

We truly believe that grassroots football should be accessible to everyone and has the power to change people’s lives for the better.

We want everyone across the county that has a passion for football to get involved in whatever capacity, whether that be playing, coaching, refereeing, volunteering, or spectating; to enable Norfolk Football to thrive once again post the pandemic that we’ve all been facing.

Some of the key strategic objectives of ‘Norfolk Football - A Strategy for Everyone’ include: continue to embed safeguarding throughout the Association; increase Norfolk FA’s reach to external stakeholders and enhance commercial partnership activities; delivering £6m worth of facility projects; double the number of female friendly clubs; and increase participation from under-represented communities that are identified within our Equality Action Plan.

Recently appointed Norfolk FA Chief Executive Officer, Matt Carpenter said: “We have been through two incredibly challenging seasons for everyone involved in Norfolk Football and so our new ‘strategy for everyone’, which has been developed following a lengthy period of consultation and analysis, is targeted at ensuring that the local game can thrive again as grassroots football continues to play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of so many people.

“The strategy is built around eight core components of workforce strategy; equality, diversity & inclusion; strategy branding; vision, mission and our DNA; safeguarding; KPI’s and headline objectives; a sustainable financial model and CFA corporate governance. I am excited to see what we, in collaboration with all of our stakeholders, will achieve together over the next three years as we develop football in Norfolk, providing a safe and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy the beautiful game.”

Chairman of the Association, Michael Banham added: “Our strategy entitled ‘A Strategy for Everyone’ will be in place for the next three years. The Board of Directors have the final sign off on the Strategy, but I was so pleased that we involved them for the first time in the consultation period. My thanks must go to the staff who made a big contribution in achieving what I think is an outstanding piece of work and which was echoed by The FA when we presented it to them back in June of this year.

“Many thanks go to Gavin Lemmon who led throughout this document. Gavin now moves on to his new role within The FA, as East Region Manager, so ironically he’ll be making sure we chieve the strategy in which he was a big part in writing. Matt Carpenter will now be responsible for leading on this as our new CEO and I wish him every success moving forward.

“I hope you enjoy reading through our new strategy, which we aim to ensure will be ‘A strategy for everyone.”

For more information surrounding the new strategy please see the supporting document attached below. You can also view the social media launch by searching ‘#AStrategyForEveryone’ on Twitter.