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Norfolk FA Safeguarding Update

Norfolk County FA
Please see an update from Norfolk FA regarding Safeguarding in #NorfolkFootball.


Youth Football

Whilst football is currently paused, it is important that safeguarding remains at the core of everything that takes place in #NorfolkFootball.

During the football season, the day to day activity can take up a significant amount of time and whilst we recognise that circumstances are different for everybody, with no football currently being played, now could be the perfect time for:


  • To review your safeguarding policies and processes and make sure that everything is in place and up to date
  • To communicate important safeguarding messages to your members
  • To make sure that any social media channels you have are also up to date

Coaches and volunteers

  • To ensure that your safeguarding training is up to date. If you can renew on line, do so and if you are not able to, keep an eye out for further communications from Norfolk FA on this in the coming weeks. There is also the Safeguarding for All course available online
  • To check out the latest safeguarding information on
  • To make sure that you are familiar with your Clubs safeguarding policies and procedures


  • To ensure that you are aware of the safeguarding procedures for the Club(s) that your child(ren) play at. For example, do you know who your Club’s Welfare Officer is and how to contact them?
  • To check out the latest safeguarding information on

Young Players

  • To visit the Kidzone section on which is designed specifically for young footballers including lots of information on how to stay safe in football.


Open Age (Adult) Football

Whilst the focus of safeguarding is often seen to be on youth football, it is equally as important that 16 and 17 year old footballers feel safe whilst taking part in the open age (adult) game and that Clubs take responsibility for the safeguarding of any young players that they have.

Open Age (Adult) Club’s should recall various communications that they received in the early part of 2020 with regards to their safeguarding responsibilities for both under 18s and also adults in disability football. Whilst COVID-19 meant that some of the next steps were put on hold, further information will be coming out to Clubs around March regarding this for the 2021-22 season.

In the meantime, all Clubs should:

If you have any questions at any time regarding safeguarding in Norfolk Football, please visit where you will find lots of relevant information and the contact details of our Safeguarding Team at Norfolk FA.