Get ready for the return - Admin reminders

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With many fixtures due to take place over the coming weeks, there are a number of things to remind clubs of before a ball can be kicked.

Get ready for the return - Admin Reminders 

With the recent announcement from The FA confirming that football will be returning on 29th March, and with many league fixtures, cup fixtures and friendlies taking place, there are a number of things to remind Clubs of before a ball can be kicked.

Player Registrations

The deadline to register or transfer players is as per league rules, with the majority set at 31st March. Therefore with less than a week to go please ensure your squad is in place before this date, additional registrations are submitted through the Club Portal and transfers are confirmed as complete by your league.

Also it is important to remember that whilst many leagues have null and voided the formal league programme, players remain registered members until the end of the 2020-21 playing season. This means that if you are intending to acquire the services of players from other clubs, you must still follow the regulations around notices of approach and transfers. This still applies to dual registration scenarios, and if not followed your club could be the subject of a protest, and potential disciplinary action.

If you are unsure on any regulations please email

Many Club Officials will have seen that a new player registration system is now live called Club Portal. This will replace the player registration section on Whole Game and can be accessed using the following link - Login details will be as per the Whole Game System and if you intend to register additional players before the registration deadline you will need to do so via this method.

The FA have provided Clubs with guidance on how to use the new system by providing documents plus a video recording of a session:

Guidance Documents 

In addition, we intend to hold support sessions during pre-season, more information on these will be provided in due course.


Normal discipline regulations will apply for the remainder of the season for competitive football so please familiarise yourself with the Whole Game System to ensure that any outstanding cases are paid before any of your teams start playing again. Please also check suspensions of players as they will roll over from the last games played back in December - don’t be caught out playing a suspended player! If you need clarification on outstanding cases or suspensions then please contact us on 01603 704050 (Option 1, 1 and 1) or email

As we anticipate friendlies to take place during this next period, referees will be required to administer discipline as normal, as such please ensure that any discipline is paid via the Whole Game System and players serve suspensions accordingly.

County Cups

County Cup football returns on 10th April so please familiarise yourself with the updated rules to ensure that your Club is following those rules. If you have any queries on County Cups then please look at our FAQ’s here or email

If your team needs to withdraw from any of the competitions, please use the email above ensuring notice of at least 8 days prior to the tie in order to avoid any potential costs.

Referee Appointments

We will be appointing referees for all leagues that we would usually appoint to, so please make sure that you follow competition rules with regards to confirming matches with referees. This is especially important during this period as we expect venues and kick off times to change more than usual.


Many Norfolk FA staff have now returned from furlough in some capacity, although not all staff have returned full time. With this in mind, please show consideration and understanding with regards to response times, and should you not be able to get hold of your normal contact, please email

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