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Comms4kids - Our Youth communication Strategy

Marketing & Communications
As National Safeguarding Weekend arrives, we are pleased to launch our new Youth Communication Strategy titled ‘Comms4kids’.

We are pleased to launch our new Youth Communication Strategy titled ‘Comms4kids’ ahead of National Safeguarding Weekend.

The aim of our strategy is to enhance and improve our safeguarding communications to those involved in Norfolk Football.

Through a series of actions to be completed between now and the end of the season we aim to modernise our safeguarding branding, increase awareness of safeguarding information, enhance our perception to U18’s, and educate and empower individuals to report safeguarding concerns.

We are centring the 21/22 Comms4kids strategy around four key areas:

  • Branding
  • Awareness & Engagement
  • Direct Communications
  • Reporting

Through working strategically in these areas as well as launching some exciting and engaging initiatives between now and the end of the season, we hope to increase the conversation and engagement around the topic of Safeguarding within grassroots football in Norfolk.

Each season a new strategy document will be created, developing upon progress to date, and featuring the aims and objectives of the upcoming campaign in order ensure that safeguarding is embedded in all areas of the Association.

Chief Executive, Matt Carpenter said: “Given the arrival of National Safeguarding Weekend, it’s a perfect time to release what will be a hugely important plan of action when concerning our aspirations associated to Safeguarding and child welfare in Norfolk Football.

“We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to better engage with youngsters and adults alike, while also maintaining the consistent delivery of information highlighting the importance of Safeguarding in the grassroots game.”

Head of Marketing & Communications, Rebecca Burton said: “Comms4kids is a piece of work that’s been in the pipeline since the end of last season, when external feedback highlighted a need to improve our communications with U18’s.

“It’s been great getting stuck into what will hopefully be such an influential project and I’m excited to see the outcomes delivered across the rest of this season and beyond.”

Please find the online document to our Youth Communication Strategy – Comms4kids, below.

Together we can ensure that across our County, #NorfolkFootball is a safe and positive environment to play the beautiful game.