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Marketing & Communications
We're pleased to launch our new reporting campaign - Talk to us!

Worried about something? Talk to us!

 As National Safeguarding Weekend arrives, we are pleased to launch our new reporting initiative – ‘Talk to us!’

The scheme, developed locally to work in tandem with The FA’s nationwide Play Safe campaign, is a new reporting mechanism aimed at both adults and children.

‘Talk to us!’ in an overarching brand to highlight reporting avenues to participants and individuals involved in Norfolk Football, designed to make it easier for people to express their concerns.

Anybody can still report a concern via traditional methods, however in a bid to modernise communication channels and improve accessibility to Norfolk FA as a Safeguarding figurehead, it’s now possible to fill in a short and simple online form.

A ‘Talk to us!’ ‘button’ is now positioned on our website under the ‘Talk to us’ section of our main menu, and QR codes to the reporting form are now positioned on posters across our FDC facilities. Anybody can scan the QR code with their mobile phone and report (anonymously if desired) anything they feel worried or apprehensive about.

Over time we plan to have clear platforms for children to communicate their fears or worries via the ‘Talk to us!’ campaign that will be positioned among our newly announced ‘Safe Squad’, featuring our mascots – Leo, Laura and Logan. Our three lion cubs will highlight the importance of speaking up when things do not feel right, whilst parents, carers and spectators will be encouraged to highlight anything out of the ordinary at their club or another.

We aim to work with our Leagues and Clubs over the course of the rest of this season to spread the message of reporting to everybody involved in football across the County. We also hope to share information regarding the campaign to children, parents, coaches and volunteers on our annual safeguarding visits to clubs.

It’s our vision to have the ‘Talk to us!’ principle and messaging fully embedded in every youth football club in Norfolk by the end of our three-year strategy.

Head of Marketing & Communications, Rebecca Burton said: “Encouraging more adults to report concerns is a task we are challenging head on, however empowering children to speak up if they are worried, scared or sad is a whole new ball game. It’s a barrier we hope to break down among football teams, clubs and communities, along with opening up various channels for U18’s to communicate with us directly too.”

Chief Executive, Matt Carpenter, said: “Providing U18’s with the ability to communicate any concerns or worries that they may have directly to us is a key component of our new Youth Communication Strategy and I hope that ‘Talk to us!’ enables them to do just that.

"With the support of the #NorfolkFootball community we hope that ‘Talk to us!’ will help ensure that football is made as safe as possible for everyone involved.”

Nothing matters more than making sure football is safe for everyone, especially children and young people.

Remember, if you have a concern or have seen something that you feel isn’t acceptable, you can always Talk to us!