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Receive bespoke support for your club or league

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Accredited clubs and leagues are now able to create their own workshops to upskill and support volunteers.

This season Accredited Clubs and Leagues will have the opportunity to create their own workshops alongside Norfolk FA to upskill and support volunteers.

Norfolk FA is looking to work with our Accredited Clubs and Leagues to create bespoke support that will raise the standards of the football environment, upskill the voluntary workforce and enable Leagues to deliver a wide range of provisions.

Accredited and Leagues can “build your own” support workshop that will be delivered by Norfolk FA staff, National FA staff and external professionals to as little or as many volunteers/parents/players within the club or league as necessary. The Football Development Department will work with Clubs and Leagues to build the content on one or more topics to be delivered at a time that suits them.

Clubs and Leagues can pick from a wide array of topics from Club administration to social media to funding & financial advice. 

Accredited Clubs and Leagues are entitled to one FREE session per season. Additional sessions will be priced accordingly.

Anna Larkins, Norfolk FA’s Football Development Officer (Clubs, Leagues, and Young People) said: “We want Clubs and Leagues to have ownership of the support they receive. Previously we would deliver standardised courses and workshops and expect them to suit the wide range of Clubs and Leagues we have across Norfolk. Now they have the opportunity to work with us to build the content they need to support and upskill their volunteers.”

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For more information please click on the document linked below and if you have any questions please email Anna.Larkins@NorfolkFa.com.