Talk To Us - Report a Safeguarding Concern

We need your help - Encourage members of your Club to 'Talk to us'

Marketing & Communications
‘Talk to us!’ in an overarching brand to highlight reporting avenues to participants and individuals involved in Norfolk Football.



Earlier this season we launched the new ‘Talk to us!’ initiative which encourages both adults and children to report any potential concerns regarding safeguarding and poor practice.

By streamlining the reporting process through providing a quick and easy online form (which can be filled in anonymously) we have aimed to give people more confidence when it comes to reporting and empower them to whistle blow if they see something that doesn’t seem right.

We have also utilised our new child friendly mascots ‘The Safe Squad’ to spread this important message to Norfolk’s youth footballers in a new, dedicated section of the website known as ‘The Cub House’.

In addition, we have created several marketing assets featuring scannable QR codes to highlight our new safeguarding promotion, promote The FA’s ‘Play Safe’ message and for people to access the form with their smartphone or tablet. Please navigate to the bottom of this page to view the downloads.

The ‘Talk to us!’ initiative has proven successful so far, and we are now asking Norfolk clubs and leagues to support the ‘Talk to us!’ message by promoting it to their members.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Add a link to the ‘Talk to us!’ page on your website
  • Promote the ‘Talk to us!’ link on your social media
  • Have a conversation with your members about the ‘Talk to us!’ initiative and the importance of reporting concerns
  • Encourage youth footballers to visit ‘The Cub House’ section of our website to learn more about playing safe
  • Download our selection of marketing materials and share to your members digitally
  • Print our selection of marketing materials and display in your clubhouse or matchday facilities


For more information about ensuring your club is doing all it can to promote Safeguarding and good practice, please email

For support in promoting Safeguarding messaging to your members, please email