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Free Period Starter Bag For Every Female Team In Norfolk

Football Development
Norfolk FA and FabLittleBag have collaborated to provide free period products, and the ability to easily dispose of them, to female teams in Norfolk.

Free Period Starter Bag For Every Female Team in Norfolk

Norfolk County FA and FabLittleBag have collaborated to provide free period products, and the ability to easily dispose of them, to female teams in Norfolk.

Every affiliated Girls & Women's team in Norfolk will receive a stocked Period Bag, thanks to this partnership.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Provide everyone with a Period Starter Bag to kick start the conversation & provide initial support to all female teams in Norfolk.
  • Educate everyone within the club on how they can be more female friendly and provide a safe, inclusive environment for all involved.
  • Create partnerships with organisations who can support all clubs with products & education to embed within their community.

2.5m tampons and 1.4m pads are put down the toilet each day in the UK, but FabLittleBag have created disposal bags which are designed to protect rivers, oceans and beaches from the pollution caused by flushed period products. They also make binning an easy and confident experience for women and girls, regardless of the facilities. FabLittleBags are made of plants and recycled plastics, supporting the circular economy of waste.

Included in every period bag is a starter pack of FabLittleBag disposal bags. To find out more about FabLittleBag products and to access their products for your club please click here.

Martha Silcott, CEO & Founder of FabLittleBag, said: “Periods should not be a barrier to women and girls participating in playing the sport they love. I am therefore so excited and proud that Norfolk FA have taken the decision to provide all of their women and girls teams with a period bag containing essential tampons and pads as well as FabLittleBags for easy, confident disposal. All too often disposing of used items is awkward and challenging when there is no bin or the bin is icky! Norfolk FA are now ensuring that periods need not be a barrier to participation in the beautiful game for women and girls in Norfolk and we look forward to awarding their clubs with our Period Positive Club Kitemark."

Anna Larkins, Football Development Officer (Female Pathway and Accreditation) said: “I am really proud that we as a County FA are able to lead the way in encouraging positive change across Norfolk and will start those all-important conversations about periods within clubs. Every female team in Norfolk will receive a pack completely free of charge and it will give them the opportunity to create period positive environments. We are so grateful for the support from FabLittleBag in getting this off the ground and for shining a light on this important topic, to hopefully keep more women and girls playing the game.”

This partnership is a positive step towards ensuring that female football players in Norfolk have access to necessary sanitary products. Norfolk FA are leading the way in promoting gender equality and inclusion within football, which is essential to ensuring that everyone can participate fully in the sport.

The team packs will include:

  • 1x sample FabLittleBag pack
  • 1x pack sanitary pads
  • 10x tampons
  • Information Cards and Top Tips

We will be in touch with Club Secretaries with information on how they can receive their free period pack(s).

Please contact for more information.