As part of the affiliation process all Clubs are required to take out both Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance. The insurance cover is provided by SportsGuard.


a quick breakdown

The Public Liability policy is a full Civil Liability Policy covering all issues under English Civil Law, with a limit of indemnity of £10,000,000.

Included in the policy is liability arising of:

  • Third Party injury
  • Third Party property damage
  • Libel, Slander, Error & Omissions
  • Abuse, Negligence
  • Products (i.e. food & drink)
  • Employers Liability

Please note that the policy does not include Player to Player liability and the cover is only applicable on match days, training sessions and fund raising activities approved by SportsGuard.

All affiliated teams are mandated to take our Personal Accident cover.

There are three levels of cover available for adult teams, Bronze, Silver and Gold with the key difference between each policy being the weekly benefit payable in the event of a claim being made:

  • Bronze - £30 per week (after 14 days and up to 52 weeks)
  • Silver - £50 per week (after 14 days and up to 52 weeks)
  • Gold - £100 per week (after 14 days and up to 52 weeks)

Whilst for Youth teams, there is only one level of cover available.

For full details of the cover provided please contact Sportsguard directly.

Whilst all registered players for each team are covered we would strongly advise that players ensure that they have sufficient Personal Accident cover in place to meet their specific needs.

To make either a Public Liability or Personal Accident Insurance claim, please contact SportsGuard directly:



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