Weetabix Wildcats - Girls Playing with footballs

My First Session...

My First Weetabix wildcats session...

What to expect from your child's first Weetabix Wildcats session

Weetabix Wildcats provides a fun, friendly and safe environment where girls aged 5-11 can experience football for the first time.

All Weetabix Wildcats providers are warm and welcoming but it can help ease any first-day nerves – from girls and parents – if you know what to expect.

What happens in an Weetabix Wildcats session?

Weetabix Wildcats sessions normally happen after school or at the weekend. They take place once a week and last for around an hour.

Sessions focus on developing your child’s fundamental movement skills – agility, balance coordination and speed – required not only for football but for all sports.

Girls will learn new football skills, make brilliant friendships and have fun together.


Each session kicks off with a team talk, introducing any children who are new to Weetabix Wildcats and explaining what the session will involve.

Then it’s time for the fun to begin.

Football skills are incorporated into themed games and activities. Some of the children’s favourite themes include pirates, jungle animals and superheroes – this also helps to engage your child’s imagination and develop their creativity.

How much does a Weetabix Wildcats session cost?

While the cost varies from centre to centre, one of the main aims of Weetabix Wildcats is to be affordable and accessible for all girls.

For this reason, Weetabix Wildcats operates on a flexible pay-per-play basis. This means there is a small cost per session to cover the costs of the coach and venue for each session your child attends.

Can parents/guardians stay to watch?

Yes, absolutely. Parents, carers and siblings are also encouraged to stay, watch and get involved!

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Weetabix Wildcats - Girls Playing with footballs

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