Weetabix Wildcats - Girls Playing with footballs

What is Weetabix Wildcats?

What is Weetabix wildcats?

A parents' guide to Weetabix Wildcats training sessions

Everything parents and guardians need to know about Weetabix Wildcats:


What is Weetabix Wildcats?

Weetabix Wildcats football providers offer girls aged 5-11 a chance to try football for the first time and provide regular opportunities to play.

Sessions take place every week at over 880 Weetabix Wildcats providers across the country and are focused on helping girls make friends, have fun and be active through football.

All sessions are delivered by FA qualified coaches providing a safe place for girls to try football for the first time and develop key football skills.

How long does each session last?

Sessions usually lasts one hour however this may vary so check with your local provider before attending.

How many girls will be taking part in the session?

It varies by centre but most Weetabix Wildcats sessions will have around 25 girls taking part.

How will my daughter be looked after during the session?

All sessions are delivered by FA qualified coaches providing a safe place for girls to try football for the first time and develop key football skills.

The welfare of your daughter is key so we ensure that all Weetabix Wildcats coaches are fully trained including health and safety, safeguarding and more. We also train staff to deliver a range of different activities to ensure that the sessions are varied and fun.

Do I have to pay for Weetabix Wildcats training sessions?

Many of the 880 Wildcats providers provide free taster sessions however this is at the discretion of each centre so check before attending. Most Weetabix Wildcats sessions charge a small cost to enable them to cover the costs of the venue.

How do I book my daughter on to a session?


What should my daughter wear?

We recommend that girls wear comfortable sportswear and closed-toe shoes but most providers will let you wear anything you want. If she's a budding goalkeeper, we recommend packing her a pair of gloves. Many of the Weetabix Wildcats providers host fancy dress days where, if your daughter wants to, she can dress up for the session.

Does my daughter need to bring anything?

We provide all the equipment for the activities, so no need to send your daughter with anything other than a drink, lots of energy and a smile!

My daughter needs some extra help. Can she still come to Weetabix Wildcats?

Yes. We believe that football is for everyone. We want to ensure that every girl has an opportunity to take part and has a great experience. Your local provider can adapt what they do to suit your child. If they need a bit of extra help, a parent, carer or siblings can join them.

Can I come along to watch during the session?

Yes, absolutely. Parents, carers and siblings are also encouraged to stay, watch and get involved!


Is there an opportunity for me to help out with the sessions?

Yes. If you want to help out speak to your local Weetabix Wildcats provider lead to find out how you can get involved.

Weetabix Wildcats - Girls Playing with footballs

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