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Referee Mentoring, Coaching & Observing

Referee mentoring, coaching & observing

Ever thought of becoming a Referee Mentor, Coach or an Observer?

By attending the appropriate workshop, you can gain the qualifications you need to become a registered Norfolk FA Referee Mentor, Coach or begin your journey to becoming a registered Norfolk FA Observer.

If you would like to receive the training for one of these roles please get in touch with Harvey Newstead.

more about each role:
  • Mentors formally known as our referee coaches will work with referees in their early stages of their journey and is someone more senior supporting and empathising with someone less experienced.

    Mentors will receive a £20 fee per match.

  • Match Day Coaches will be allocated to referees who opt into the Referee Progression pathway. The Match Day Coach will support the referee to improve their performance and develop as an individual. 

    Match Day Coaches will receive a £25 fee per match.

  • Observers will work with Level 5s and 4W match officials on the Referee Progression Pathway. This is a more formal approach to referee progression and cross references referee performance against bespoke match competencies based on the level the referee is operating at.

    Observers will receive a £28 fee per match.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, contact our Referee Development officer, Harvey Newstead.

By Phone: 01603 704050 (Ext.1; Opt 1)


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