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match official appointments for Norfolk clubs

a guide to match appointments for norfolk referees

Match official appointments for Norfolk affiliated adult leagues, County Cups, Representative matches and a selection of other fixtures will be undertaken centrally by Norfolk FA’s Referee Appointments Officers (RAO), with the exception of the referee and assistant referee appointments for the Supply League Pool.

Norfolk FA Information For Match Officials - Season 2022-23

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By Phone: 01603 704050

By Email:


  • Referees are to ensure they update their relevant Pitchside Refs availability calendar as and when known. Where exceptional circumstances prevail, availability must be submitted by other recordable means. Please note this must include Supply League Pool appointments and any National FA appointments
  • Level 4 Referees are to close their dates as soon as they have received their National List appointments and any other subsequent appointments
  • Availability includes midweek and is not just restricted to Saturdays and Sundays
  • No assumptions are made on availability by Norfolk FA even though most Appointment Officers work on the basis of a date is open unless closed. With all other factors equal, failure to communicate an accurate diary regularly will lead to a restriction on appointments offered. For example, during periods where matches are at a premium a referee whose ‘Closed Dates’ availability is more trusted will be appointed ahead of another whose isn’t

  • Wherever possible appointments will be made 2 weeks in advance of a fixture
  • Referees will receive a notification of their appointed fixture via Pitchside Refs.
  • Those Referees without access to email will receive their appointments by text or telephone

  • Once you have been notified of your game via Pitchside Refs, you need to login and confirm the appointment on your calendar. Once you have confirmed, you will receive a Fulltime notification of the match to your emails. There is no need to forward this email on to confirm the appointment. 
  • Those Referees without access to email must confirm their appointments either by text or if by letter within 3 days of the post mark date
  • Failure to respond as required may result in a Referee being removed from their appointment

In the unlikely event you have to withdraw from a previously confirmed appointment, within 48 hours of the kick off time, please ensure you follow the below procedure:

  • Call or text the covering Referee Appointments Officer or Norfolk FA direct until your ‘Call Off’ is confirmed as received. Emails are not sufficient communication within the 48 hour period. It is very important to note that the RAO mobile phones 07554 422301 and 07467 806238 are unmanned outside of the Core hours below.
  • Where the Home Team have been in contact, you should also inform them of your call off immediately 

Whenever you have to withdraw from a previously confirmed appointment more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled kick off time, please ensure you follow the below procedure:

  • Email the RAO at ''
  • If you are unable to email, please call or text the relevant Referee Appointments Officer (RAO) on 07554 422301/07467 806238 or 01603 704050 (options 1, 1 & then 3) as soon as possible stating the exact details of the appointment you are calling off and the reason for doing so.
  • If you are aware that an match observer is planning to attend, also state this
  • If calling and you receive no answer from the Referee Appointments Officer please leave a clear voice message

Working hours (Mid-August to Mid-May)





















8am- 3:30pm


8:30am-12:30pm & 5pm-6pm






9am – 11:30am



7am – 3pm

Contact Details

Harvey Newstead

Referee Development Officer

01603 704050 (opt 1,1,3) Mobile: 07467 806248

Ryan Starkey

Referee Appointments Officer (Saturday)

01603 704050 (opt 1,1,3) Mobile: 07467 806238

David Robinson

Referee Appointments Officer (Sunday)

01603 704050 (opt 1,1,3) Mobile: 07554 422301

The team can be contacted by mobile outside of the official hours published above, but please note that this should be in emergencies only. All other calls should only be made during the hours above.

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