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Introducing... The Safe Squad

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Norfolk FA are pleased to introduce the newest members of our Safeguarding Team – Leo, Laura and Logan.

Introducing… The Safe Squad

Norfolk FA are pleased to introduce the newest members of our Safeguarding Team – Leo, Laura and Logan.

Developed to support safeguarding in Norfolk Football, and communicate important messages to our youth footballers, our three lion cubs are on a mission to ensure everybody in our county feels safe playing the game they love.

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The mascots will feature across our youth communications moving forward and their presence will encourage youth footballers in Norfolk to speak up about playing safe.

Those involved in our game at a youth level will be able to engage with our mascots digitally (for now!), as we will shortly be launching a dedicated area of the website for children to access known as ‘The Cubhouse’.

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The Cubhouse will feature key stage appropriate material, games and activities, and important information about reporting concerns in line with our new Talk to us! Campaign.

Chief Executive and Senior Safeguarding Lead, Matt Carpenter said: “We’re delighted to introduce Leo, Laura and Logan to the Norfolk Football community, with their help we hope to really improve our engagement with Norfolk’s youth footballers.

“The introduction of a specific area for children on our website will also enable us to get important messaging across in a more direct way and ensure the importance of safeguarding in football is understood across multiple age demographics.”

A concept born within our Marketing department and brought to life in design by Esports Media, each of the lion cubs have their own unique personality. While they are different in their own ways, they all share a love of the grassroots game and together, they form a football mad trio who know what it means to stay safe.


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Head of Marketing & Communications, Rebecca Burton said: “It’s been great working on the creation of The Safe Squad and our three lion cubs. From jotting down an idea, to forming full character profiles, it’s always satisfying to see a project come together, and I can’t thank Tony and Levante at Esports Media enough for bringing our ideas to life.

“A lot of work has gone into the development of the cubs, and we hope to now communicate with children in a way that resonates with their own personalities, encourages them to be safe and responsible, and inspires them to be the best they can be.”

Everyone will learn more about the individual members of The Safe Squad over time, but for now, everyone should keep their eyes out for Leo, Laura and Logan!